Mapfolio V 2.0 for ArcGIS Online Released

Great news for users of ArcGIS Online as Mapfolio, the #3 most popular app and the #2 most popular free app, has been updated. We’re pleased to have released the latest version of our popular application for users of ArcGIS Online – Mapfolio V 2.0. Several noteworthy enhancements have been incorporated into this update, including one big, noteworthy addition:  make your Mapfolio instance public as a homepage for your ArcGIS Online organization – this means Mapfolio can be used as the landing page of your organizational account!

mapfoliomapfolio is perfect for ArcGIS Online administrators who need an easier way
for their users to find the organization’s web applications and content.

Many of you have asked for a public version of Mapfolio, and we have listened, the results are Mapfolio 2.0. From David Hansen (@Dhansen601), GEO Jobe VP of Software Development, “Mapfolio is now two and half years old. With the release of version 2.0, we have integrated key feedback from years of community input and have given a fresh layer of polish on top of this ArcGIS Marketplace classic. This product is made great and will continue to be made great thanks to our user community’s input and support.”

A few other goodies have been added to this release as well, including:

  • Make your Mapfolio instance public as a homepage for your ArcGIS Online organization – this means Mapfolio can be used as the landing page of your organizational account (See image below)
  • Select a group to be “featured” above all other groups
  • Toggle if a user’s favorites are visible or not.


Configurable design for an organization’s ArcGIS Online home/landing page

Note, there are quite a few “under the hood” improvements with this release that may impact classes referenced by custom CSS used to customize Mapfolio. Some of these improvements include: Fully responsive design – Anywhere on Any Device, Fully touch-enabled on mobile devices, Filter content using tags, Turn on/off profile pics, Easly add items to your favorites, Quickly add comments to items,
Customize position of user bio, Use custom banners, Use custom CSS file

Not everyone is a GIS Pro needing access to “everything” within ArcGIS Online. To some, this can be overwhelming when really all they need is a map. Once configured, Mapfolio can filter your organization’s content by using the ArcGIS Online tagging system, giving your users a personalized landing page that they feel comfortable with. Users log in to ArcGIS Online through an easy to use application and have immediate access to their groups, web applications, and content anywhere, on any device.

Mapfolio is available to users of ArcGIS Online in several license options including; free personal use option, and a per year (annual) Mapfolio for Portal option. See more info about mapfolio for ArcGIS – because not everyone needs access to “all items” and functionality within your ArcGIS Online account (as seen in this video)

Access Mapfolio (with simple, one-click installation) in the ArcGIS Marketplace


Complete details of the release of Mapfolio 2.0 can be found in the official PR

Mapfolio in the news:










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